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Adaptasun Tanning Body Lotion Strong Sun

Develop a deep, intense and natural tan and enjoy all the benefits of the sun without the harmful side effects. Suitable for normal to tolerant skin, this sun-protection milk allows you to boost your tan with perfect cellular protection from a normal to strong sun. With UV inCellium Technology, this lotion actually helps skin better defend itself in extreme sun.
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Adaptasun Tanning Body Lotion Strong Sun


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PrintApply to your skin 20 minutes before exposure. Reapply every two hours.
PrintMade for the summer sun, Institut Esthederm is based upon a unique and original concept: stimulating the production of melanin trains the skin to correct itself and create a faster, safer and longer-lasting tan. Brought to you by Space NK, Adaptasun Tanning Body Lotion uses this principal to deliver a deep and natural tan, rapidly and safely. UV inCellium Technology, an anti-free-radical, anti-inflammatory and DNA protection system, strengthens the skins own defences against sun damage while Adaptasun optimises tanning. Cellular water energises the skin and glycerin leaves it feeling soft, supple and comfortable.
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Great sunscreen I use this sunscreen, which I apply liberally and after swimming, whilst on my holidays abroad and when I'm sailing in the UK. As a result, I have a lovely gentle golden tan and my skin is beautifully soft. More importantly, however, I feel this product has helped to protect me to a certain extent from the sun. Needless to say, I also wear a hat, sunglasses and always cover up in extreme heat, especially in the middle of the day. The only problem is that it's not waterproof and if like me you spend a great deal of time messing around in the water, keep your head and body beneath the surface and you you should be ok! July 29, 2014
Good product I think this is a good product for someone with medium to dark skin, however I think someone who is very fair and uses it to sit out at the beach all day will still get burned. That's exactly what happened to me. It did not provide enough protection for an entire day out in the North Atlantic sun -which comparatively speaking is not that strong. I have fair to medium skin and have spent every summer on the beach since i was a child but I still burn quite easily. It is definitely not something I would recommend for the face and neck area, but if you want to get some color on your body than this is a good product-it truly does allow you to get brown without too much redness-at least in areas that are already somewhat acclimated to sun exposure. It smells beautiful and is very hydrating and moisturizing. i would definitely repurchase if it wasn't so expensive. July 28, 2014
Have faith! I was very unsure about this product with no SPF. I am fair skinned and do bun, although go a nice honey shade if I work at it! This cream is amazing, after a week, I have a beautiful golden tan. Make sure you reapply if you go into the sea/pool, as it is not waterproof, and this was the only time I had a slight burn. This is the only reason I've not given the full 5 stars. Expensive but worth it. Aftersun is very good along side this product. June 2, 2014
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Adaptasun Tanning Body Lotion Strong Sun

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For protection in extreme conditions such as glaciers, tropics or high altitudes, try Adaptasun Sea and Tropics Tanning Body Lotion.